Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and
the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.


Great Christian Truths & Inspiration

This Site is Home & Starting Point in your search for Truth & Inspiration.
It connects with many famous Christian sites. It's three pages contain the following:

The Gospel Explained
The Bible Studied
Listen to the Bible, Teachings, Testimonies, Etc.
Church Service -- Orlando First Baptist  
Christian Basics and Q&A Sites
Famous Sites for Spiritual Understanding
Sharing the Good News
Disciple Making
Free Computer Programs
See and Make these Tracts or Verse Cards
Library of Great Books (all free PDFs)
Health Issues (choices you can make)

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

The Gospel Explained

"Do You Know For Sure".
(Evangelism Explosion)

 Victory over Sin & Death
Dr. Erwin Lutzer (1 min audio)

"How to Get to Heaven"
(Pacific Garden Mission)

Full Assurance
(Do I Need It?)

Are You Sure Tract
(Questions from 1 John)


The Bible Studied

Smith's Bible Dictionary
(A Great Classic, word search)
Easton's Bible Dictionary
(A Classic, word search)
Bible Commentaries
(Great Explanations & Background)
Bible Survey
(Brief Course with Graphics)
Bible Survey 2
(Skim the Topics)
Great Verses

Listen to the Bible, Teachings, Testimonies, Etc.

Listen to the Bible Online
Pick Version, Book, Chapters
Salvation Stories
(Pacific Garden Mission)

Charles Stanley 
Resources and Article Archive

Bible Broadcasting Network
Listen       Schedule

Hymn Stories
True life testimonies -- radio dramas by the Pacific Garden Mission
Whits End
Adventures in Odyssey

    Bill Bright -- Transferable Concepts
 Great Messages -- the Christian Life
(millions not sure, the greatest relationship, the Spirit filled life, the adventure of witnessing, Etc.)

Sermon Audio
A Great Collection of Classic and Recent Sermons by Spurgeon, Edwards, Bunyan, Rice, Tozer, Wiersbe, Lutzer, Ken Ham, Etc. 

Alistair Begg
Great Preaching and Teaching, Freely
download many great mp3 messages, Apps for your Smart Phone

Max Lucado
A great ministry of Comfort and Joy You will love to listen to the great stories and teachings of this humble preacher

  Pastors Drew Brown & Kris Vos
Many mp3 sermons preached at
Crossroads Community Church
Pastor Bill Brown
(now with the Saints in Glory)
Many mp3 sermons preached from Covenant Baptist Church

  also Larry's Messages

Christian Basics and Q&A Sites

A New Christian -- Now What
 (Woodrow Kroll)
Next Steps
A 30 Day Guide for New Believers
How To Pray
(R.A. Torrey)
What is Divine Providence?
Who Controls What Happens?
Q&A on Bible Basics
(A Puritan Catechism)
How To Succeed in The Christian Life
(R.A. Torrey)
  Seek and Find
Quick Answers to Christian Questions
Seek and Find for Kids
A good easy site for children
Seekers, Skeptics and Believers
What do you think about God
Get Connected
Fellowship with other believers
Bible Trivia
A great site for fun & learning Bible facts.

Famous Sites for Spiritual Understanding

Radio Bible Class
Our Daily Bread, Devotionals, Bible Study, Media Programs, Publishing

Focus on the Family
- James Dobson -- Many Family related resources -- Q&A on Life's Problems

Bible Broadcasting Network
Great Everything -- Listen, Chat, Testimonies, Study, Q&A

Back to the Bible
Well designed site -- downloadable Bible Studies, Christian Growth materials, Audio Messages, etc.

In Touch Ministries
Charles Stanley -- Many resources to help you grow in Christ -- Broadcast schedules

View RBC booklets (PDF's)
Special Needs, Comfort, Trials, Spiritual Questions, Etc. Search the Topics

Grace Gems!
A Treasury of Ageless,
Sovereign Grace, Devotional
Writings & Audio/Video

R. C. Sproul ...Legonier Ministries
Great Bible teaching:
Overview of the Whole Bible
 Daily Audio  Video  &  Devotionals
And Much More

Alistair Begg
Great Preaching and Teaching, Freely
download many great mp3 messages, Apps for your Smart Phone

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