A Thanksgiving Wish

I have an appointment that I must keep,
I know not where or when,
But when my time on earth is done,
I know Iíll be in heaven.

I am thankful for the life I have.
Iíve been blessed beyond all measure.
But there is a place prepared for me,
Wherein lies my true treasure.

Yes, I have lived a life so blessed
With so much more than daily bread.
My life is filled with boundless joy,
And it will get better when Iím dead.

I long to see the Lord some day
And will till my last breath.
It matters not by His appearing,
Or if by pain of death.

I have so much to tell the Lord
When at last I see His face
I cannot come on my own merits,
But only by His grace.

Iíll thank Him for the friends Iíve had
That have been a privilege to know
Iíll thank Him for the pain Iíve felt
That helped my character grow.

Iíll thank Him for my mom and dad,
Who sacrificed for me,
And taught me from the Word of God
And prayed on bended knee.

Iíll thank Him for my wife He gave
To love with all my heart
And share lifeís joys and sorrows
Till death would make us part.

Children are a gift of God
That make our lives complete.
Iíll want to thank Him for them too,
When finally we shall meet.

ďWhy have you forsaken me?Ē
Upon the cross He cried
He felt the wrath of God on Him
And then for me he died.

So most of all I want to say,
When Jesus I shall see
ďThank you for Your precious blood,
And that You died for me.Ē

And when the Lord shall speak to me
My soul shall be so blessed
To hear Him smile and say ďWell done,
Welcome to my rest.Ē

Larry R. McCord