Binding the Strongman

In the midst of a world of darkness and despair
A Champion arose.
Not with swords or chariots,
But with strange and wondrous prose.

Not of earthly noble birth
Not in military might
The darkness did not comprehend it,
But He came as the one True Light.

The only hope for a dying world,
He was sent from the Father above
And humbled Himself in the form of a man,
As a merciful act of love.

He came to preach the Gospel to the poor
To tend to the hungry and the distressed
To heal the crippled and the blind
To free the captives and the oppressed

But there was a strongman who ruled the land
Who loved darkness and hated the Light
And though he was an impostor king
His forces gathered to fight

He took the Savior as a lamb
And for all the mocking crowds to see,
Crowned Him with a crown of thorns
And nailed Him to a tree

“It is finished!” the Savior cried
As He drew His final tortured breath
The forces of darkness seemed to have won
As the Champion surrendered unto death.

There was upheaval in the spiritual realm
As His last breath He drew
Dead men began to walk about
And the veil in the temple tore in two

The strongman exalted Himself
His victory now completed
There were no more challenges to his throne
His enemy was dead and defeated

But this was One no grave could hold
And as the tomb gave up its dead,
The risen Savior dealt a blow
To the strongman’s head

In this His time of greatest triumph
In this His most glorified hour
He entered into the strongman’s house
And bound him by the word of His power

Out of the dark and dusty dungeons
The weary but joyful proceed
Led by the One with the nail-scarred hands
The slaves have now been freed

(No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house. Mark 3:27)

Larry R McCord