Goodnight Sweetheart

(Dedicated to anyone who has lost their life partner or someday will)

The flowers sure are beautiful
And itís good to see old friends
But Iím not sure what tomorrow brings
Or what to do when this all ends

I had a couple things to say
And Iím not sure where to start
Please know that I will miss you
And I love you with all my heart.

God took our separate journeys
And turned them into one
But now I have to say goodbye
Your time on earth is done

Iíll give your hand one more squeeze
And send you on your way
Knowing by the grace of God
Weíll meet again someday

Our dear Lord brought us together
And has now taken us apart
You may be absent from my presence
But never from my heart

So Iíll grieve for just a while
And shed a tear or two
And continue down the path of life
Until I come to you

But though I mourn my painful loss
And know there will be more
None can compare to the glory
That awaits at heavenís door

It wasnít always an easy road
And there were troubles now and then
But if I knew then what I know now
Iíd do it all again

When I think of all our time together
And the journey that we had
I remember mostly good times
And not so much the bad

Thank you for the life we had
And for walking by my side
The Lord knows we werenít a perfect couple
But He also knows we tried

There was much more we hoped to do
But life flies by it seems
We never got to all our plans
Or pursued all of our dreams

Bye and bye weíll come to see
Those things donít matter much
When we gaze into the Saviorís eyes
And feel the Masterís touch

So my grief cannot contain my joy
That your pain and suffering are done
And you have been carried by the angels
Into the presence of the Son

Where He will greet you with open arms
And welcome you back home
Where sin and suffering cannot touch you
And your soul is free to roam

So goodnight my sweetheart
You must be moving on
The dark of night is all before me
But soon will come the dawn

Larry R McCord