Has Your Love Grown Cold?

When the storms of life come
Will your anchor hold
When iniquity abounds
Will your love grow cold.

Will your love hold true
When Satanís darts are hurled
Will it still burn hot
Through the taunts of this world

Is your love for Jesus growing
With each passing day
If your heart could be read
What would it say

Do you spend time daily
Reading Godís Word
In a lost dying world
Is your voice being heard

When the church doors open
Are you faithfully there
When the offering is taken
Do you cheerfully share

Do you take time daily
To earnestly pray
Is it felt in your heart
Or just words that you say

Do you glorify God
With the things that you own
Do you honor Him
When you are all alone

Are you willing to have
A character thatís flawed
Or do you faithfully strive
To imitate God

When your brother is in need
Do you show that you care
By giving of your substance
Or just offering a prayer

When your brother stumbles
Do you tell your friends
Or in loving kindness
Help him make amends

Do you love Jesus more
Than friends or family
Or your hobbies or your job
Our Lord cannot let that be?

When God searches our hearts
What does He see
The same questions I ask of you
I also ask of me

When the bridegroom comes
What will He find?
A lamp out of oil
Or a light that still shines

Soon I may be headed home
And such glory Iíll behold
Lord keep us faithful to the end
And keep our love from growing cold

Larry R. McCord