I Never Got What I Deserved

As I walk this pilgrim way
One thing I have observed
In my life or in my death
Iíll never get what I deserved.

I was born in wickedness
A sinner from the start
There was no place for Jesus
In my cold, rebellious heart.

The wages of my sin was death
And a place for me reserved,
To spend eternity in Hell.
Thatís what I deserved.

But while I was yet a sinner,
By His amazing grace,
Jesus pardoned all my sins
When He died to take my place.

Cleansed by the blood of Jesus
At the cross of Calvary.
My burden has been lifted
And I have been set free

The Lord is now my Shepherd,
Leading me each step of the way.
My cup runs over with the blessings
He provides me to me each day.

A life more full than I could hope.
In death, my soul preserved.
I know with all my heart,
I never got what I deserved.

He catches me when I stumble.
He gives strength when I am weak.
He gives me far more blessings
Than words could ever speak.

I donít deserve the joy He gives
I donít deserve His love.
I donít deserve the blessings
Sent down from the Father above.

No matter what I face on earth,
I will not be afraid.
And if I worked for all my days,
My debt canít be repaid.

When I die and go to heaven,
The thing that will thrill me most
Will be singing praises to my Lord
With all the angelic host.

So someday on my gravestone write
In praise of Jesus unreserved,
ďHere lies a once-lost sinner
Who never got what he deservedĒ.

Larry R. McCord