Jesus My Hope and Shame

My Jesus hanging on the cross
You are my hope and shame
I see the anguish in your face
And know I am to blame

I see your outstretched arms
And the nails that pierce your hands
Paying the price for my sins
That your righteous law demands

All that the Father asked of you
Was perfectly obeyed
But when they laid you in the tomb
The disciples were afraid

Then three days later the stone rolled back
But not with human hands
Many had mourned that all was lost
But there my Savior stands

There was such joy in heaven
Such a glorious roar
Death the greatest enemy
Was an enemy no more

The shame of my unworthiness
Sweeps over me like a flood
My hope comes from knowing
I am cleansed by your precious blood

I have dragged my burdens to the cross
And laid them at your feet
Never again to pick them up
My forgiveness is complete

Justified by the gift of faith
Innocent by righteous decree
I now abide in the secret place
Under the shadow of the Almighty

Forever the Faithful Shepherd
You lead me every day
No matter where the path may lead
You guide me each step of the way

Satan, you may cause me grief
And buffet me about
But my soul is in the hands of Jesus
And you cannot take it out

My Jesus calls to all to come
To the weary and the worn
Come to Jesus and find rest
And have your soul reborn

Oh foolish man why will you wait
Why should you die in sin
The Savior stands outside your door
Why wonít you let him in

Come to Jesus, donít delay
Your sins He will forgive
He came to save the perishing
Look to Jesus now and live

Larry R. McCord