The Blessed Vision

Our journey here on earth is hard
And our burdens take a toll
But the visions of the Apostle John
Never fail to thrill my soul

The vision of the risen Lord
Clothed in radiant attire
His head and hair as white as snow
His eyes as a flaming fire

The vision of the King of Kings
Majestic on His throne
Still bearing the scars in His body
From the sins He came to atone

He sees the four and twenty elders,
As thunderings and lightnings abound,
Cast their crowns at the feet of Jesus
As they bow their faces to the ground

To Him who was and is and is to come,
Each night and day without resting
The four magnificent living creatures
Shout out a constant blessing

We see the tears of the Apostle John
And feel the grief that fills his soul
Because no one in all of heaven or earth
Was worthy to open the scroll

“Weep not” an elder said to John
“Look and see who God will reveal
It is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah
And He will open the seal”

Then angels in a loud voice
In numbers too big to be known
Shout blessings and honor and glory and power
To Him that sits upon the throne

Then John saw a crowd without number
Of every tongue and people and nation
Unite their voices before the throne
In a song of adoration

He saw the saints that had gone before
And it was such a glorious sight
Those who suffered while on earth
Now dressed in robes of white

There is no more suffering there
No more pain or lonely cries
The Lamb leads them to the living fountains
And wipes all tears from their eyes

John saw a vision on Mt. Zion
Of the Lamb so highly esteemed
Surrounded by the elected saints
Singing the songs of the redeemed

An Angel coming down from heaven
His glory shining bright as the dawn
Proclaims with a loud and mighty voice
The fall of Babylon

Babylon that great and mighty city
The object of so much yearning
Caused all those who profited from her
To mourn at the sight of her burning

He spoke of the battle of Armageddon
Where the beast and the kings declared war
But one word from the mouth of the Lamb
Sent them to the pit forever more

Then One called Faithful and True
Riding a great white steed
Led a victorious procession
Of all His royal seed

His eyes were a flame of fire,
A sight that left John awed
He was clothed in a vesture dipped in blood
His name was the Word of God

John saw in his vision the great white throne
Before it stood the small and great
And the Righteous Judge of all the earth
Decreed their eternal fate

Many more things the Apostle John wrote
Of the wonders he did behold
He spoke of gates made out of pearl
And streets like unto gold

Proceeding from the throne of God
Is the river of life crystal clear
And beside the river, the tree of life
Bearing fruit each month of the year

There is no need for candles there
There is no more night
There is no need for the sun anymore
It is God that gives them light

It reminds us we are more than conquerors
Before us who can stand
When we are led by the King of Kings
And protected by His hand

It reminds us that our suffering on earth
Will someday pass away
And can’t compare to the glory
That will be revealed in us one day

Lord, let me joy in the trials I face
And give me strength to carry on
And let me focus on that blessed vision
As recorded by the Apostle John

Larry R. McCord