The Book of Life

My name is in the Book of Life
In that place that angels tend
The blood of Jesus is the ink
Godís finger was the pen.

My name is in the Book of Life
Through no merit of my own
God sees my works as filthy rags
With no power to atone.

If I gave my body to be burned
Or my fortune to the poor
Or gave my life for my country
While fighting in a war.

I might be honored here on earth
And receive the praise of men
But it is appointed unto man to die
The question is, What then?

I cannot face my righteous Judge
My guilt cannot be hid
He knows all my wicked ways and thoughts
And all I ever did.

But comes the Lamb to stand for me
He died to take my place
I should have felt Godís righteous wrath
Instead I got His grace.

No doubt my faith is sometimes weak
My character deeply flawed
But there is no power on earth or hell
That can separate me from God

And even in my darkest days
If I could somehow look
Iíd see my sin cannot erase
My name thatís in that book.

So I take the time to pray each day
And thank the God above
I should have felt the wrath of God
Instead I got His love.

Larry R. McCord