What Some Day I Shall See

I am a stranger in this world
And Iíll soon be moving on.
Life on earth is short and hard
But after darkness comes the dawn

Some glorious day Iíll leave this place
And fly to realms unknown.
The manner of my departure
Is known to God alone.

Perhaps Iíll draw my final breath
Setting my spirit free
Or else the final trump will sound
And Christ will come for me.

I think about that blessed hope
That someday I shall see
Based on the merits of Jesus
And what He did for me.

I think about the pearly gates
And all the streets of gold.
And the wonder of that glorious place
In words that canít be told.

When my precious Lord
Is there to welcome me.
I wonder if Iíll be afraid
Or if my feet will want to flee

Iíll think of all my failings
And my faith thatís been so weak,
And how I donít belong here
Till my Savior starts to speak.

I see Him reaching out to me
With a smile across His face
Reminding me itís not my works
That brought me to this place.

His head and hair are white like snow
And His eyes are like a flame.
With open arms Heíll welcome me
And call to me by name.

His glory shines forth brightly
More brightly than the sun
He wipes all tears from my eyes
And says to me ďWell done.Ē

There will be a joyful reunion
As part of Godís great plan
With those preceeding me in death
That I will finally see again.

Then Iíll hear in perfect harmony
A joyous, awesome song
Sung by a choir of angels
One hundred million strong.

And gathered around the throne of God
As far as the eye can see
An innumerable throng of people
From every tribe and family.

Oh, what joy to my soul
To gather with that crowd
Every tongue confessing Jesus
While every knee is bowed.

There are no words that could describe
The wonders that will be
But most of all the face of Jesus
Is what I long to see.

There are some things I will not see
Among those mansions in the sky
There will be no more sickness
And no one will ever die.

There will be no more loneliness
No sorrow or despair
The glory of the Lord shines forth
So there is no darkness there.

The long dark night is over
Eternal dawn has come at last
Never a tear will be shed
The time for that is past.

There will be no more worries
No more troubled minds
No more sad departures
No more slow declines.

There will be no more sinful nature
That plagued me all my days
That caused me so much heartache
In so very many ways.

Iíll be at perfect peace with me
And all those there besides
In that glorious place of joy and peace
Where Jesus Christ resides.

For now Iím happy on this earth
As hard as it can be
Because I think about tomorrow
And what I soon shall see.

Larry R. McCord