What Someday I Shall Know

When I think about life on earth
There is so much that I recall
That I know is part of Godís great plan
But I donít understand at all.

I donít understand why babies die
While some people linger on
Afflicted by the infirmities of age
After their joy of life is gone.

Why does God give children
To those who treat them bad
While others want a child so much
They would give anything they had.

Some go through life with so much grief
Often touched by tragedies
While others no more deserving
Seem to have so few of these.

Every child depends on his mother
And the comfort of her touch
So why does God sometimes take her away
When the child needs her so much.

I donít know why some are crippled
Or why some are deaf or blind
I donít know why some are brilliant
And others slow of mind.

Some have lots of money
And live a life of ease
While others have to grind it out
To feed their families.

I donít know why a tornado
Will skip one neighborhood
While the next one over is rubble
Where houses once proudly stood.

Why one will end her babyís life
In the cold of an operating room
While another cries heartbroken
Over one lost in her womb.

Or all of those whose lives are hard
In lands across the sea
Who live in violent places
Or in abject poverty

And wonder why I am so blessed
Itís easy to observe
Thanking God for all the things
I know I donít deserve.

Why some are natural beauties
With perfect form and face
And others have to live their lives
While enduring much disgrace

Why a good man with a family
Gets cut down in his prime
I cannot understand it,
But it happens all the time.

Or consider the frail old woman
Lying in continual repose
Cared for every day of the week
By a husband she no longer knows

Why do the wicked flourish
While spitting in Godís face
While the righteous struggle all their lives
Just trying to keep pace

But the biggest mystery of them all
That I have no answer for
Is the wonder of my future
And what I have in store

Why God chose to love me
Before time ever unfurled
And selected me for his grace
Before the foundation of the world

All of these are mysteries
I cannot now comprehend
But when I go to live with Jesus
They will make sense in the end

Though our eyes now see darkly
And our knowledge is incomplete
We will someday learn all mysteries
Sitting at the Masterís feet

Jesus will wipe away all tears
As one who suffered too
Knowing from his own life
The sorrows we came through

Then all the questions we once had
And the things that seemed unfair
Will fade from all our memories
In the joy that awaits us there

So I am learning to be patient
As through this world I go
Bolstered by all the things
That someday I shall know

Larry R. McCord