Pastor Bill Brown's Sermons

Let not your Heart be Troubled
Peace I leave to you
My Father is Greater than I
Parable of the ten vrigins (wise & unwise)
God Glorified by our Fruit (John 15)
What believers can lose
I am the true vine & Father the husbandman
Death & Life in the Power of the tongue
Success in Ministry
Out of the mouth of babes - Psalms 8
The Holy Spirit and the World
The Guide into all Truth
Little Whiles
Sorrow turned to Joy
Prayer and Joy
The Pastor, his Qualification and Duties
Basic Truths about Jesus
We are all perplexed II Corinthians 4
Richness of God's Blessing-Prayers John 17
Genesis 3:  Generation, Degeneration, Regeneration
John 17-Power givcen to Christ & Eternal Life given by Christ
Matthew 10:16-...Head Hairs Numbered
Honor they Mother & Father in way that honors Christ
The Father is with Me
Common Factors in Life of Lord Jesus & Connection - John 17:5
Glorify me with they own self-Jesus praying for himself
Feed the Flock of God which is among you willingly I Peter 5:
Keeping God's Word  John 17:6-8
I pray for those you have Given me  John 17:9-16
Marriage is an Institution ordained by God - Ephesians 5:21
Prayer for our keeping John 17:9
Submitting yourself one to another in Fear of God Ephesisan 5:21
Jehova Sabiath (Check Spelling) God of Nations
Present Joy of Believers John 17:
Practical effects of Church Unity  I Corinthians 12:
Clear Distinction of Zerd  John 17:14-16
The High Priestly Prayer of Lord Jesus   John 17:17-19
What is church and What is Kingdom  Matthew 16
Eternal Life to all those given to the Son   John 17:17-19
Connections of Jesus to us  John 17:17-19
The Church & the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ - Thessionians 4:13-1
Keeping God's Word    John 17:6-8
Same Yesterday Today & Forever More John 17:20
The Unity of All Believers
The Glory that God has given to Believers  John 17:20-26
The Love of God Expressed - John 17:20-26, John 17:23
The High Priestly Prayer  John 17:1 to end
Are you listening?  To Whom?  Hebrews 12:18-end
Whom Seek ye?  Jesus of Nazareth
Filling of the Holy Spirit  John 18:17-27
My Kingdom is not of this World
How Deep the Father's Love is for us, how vast beyond all measure
Bless the Lord on my Soul  - Psalm 103
I find no fault in him  - Pilot
The Testimony of Truth in the Churches - Revelatioins 22:1-21
Father Forgive them for they know now what they do  Luke 23:32-43
Psalm 1:  Introduction to Joy and Expression of praise of God
God never leaves himself without a witness
The Suffering and Shame of the Cross - Isaiah 52:13-53
Penticostal Revival was taking place   Acts 8:26-40
Sara heard that she would have a Son & laughed   Genesis 18:1
Jesus said "I thirst" as he knew all had been done  John 19:28
Our present knowledge of Christ   II Corinthians 4:16 - Ch. 5
The Inscrutable Will of God - Whitfield 1700's - Psalms 119
Is there a Truth that gives us peace no matter what happens
Cruxifiction and Death of our Lord - John 19:16-37\
Take your Place    Luke 14:1-14
How should a Christian care for body of loved one who died  John 19:28
Must study life of Jesus and a Whole  John 20:1-10
Spiritual view of the World    II Corinthians 4:15 - Chapter 5
The risen Lord and Mary Magalene - John 20:1-19
The Citizens of Christ's Kingdom  John 18:28-40
The Risen Lord in their Midst   John 20:19
The Risen Lord and Thomas   John 20:24-31
Five Marks of True Saving Faith  I John 4:
God's Blessings upon the Believer i the Risen Lord   John 20:19
God is Glorified in Man's Dependence - J. Edwards I Corinthians 1:1
Doubting Thomas - Day of Ressurection   John 20:19-31
Jesus after rising help disciples as fisherman   John 21:1-14
God expects Man to bring forth Fruit under praise of God's glory Ezekiel 15
Prayer only for 2 minutes 31 seconds
Lovest thou me and Feed my Sheep   John 21:1-25
The Whole Christian Religion   I Corinthians 15:1
Calls on all Preachers to Praise God   Psalms 148
Woman represents symbol for Universal Church - Revelations 12:1
Living in a very Unusual Day  Acts 17:15
Kingdom of God   Matthews 25:14-30
You cannot serve God and Man too   Luke 16:1
Grace of God that brings Salvation   Titus 2:1
I am Alpha & Omega
Dry Bones and New Life    Ezekiel 17:
The Fragrances of Life    II Corinthians 2:12


Common Factors in life of Lord Jesus & Connection - John 17:5